Types of LED

types of led

1. Through-hole LEDs: These are available in different shapes and sizes and the most common ones being 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm LEDs. These LEDs are available in different colors like Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, etc.

5 different types of LED light 1

2. SMD LEDs (Surface Mount Light Emitting Diodes): Surface Mount or SMD LEDs are a special package that can be easily surface mount on a PCB. SMD LEDs are usually differentiated based on their physical dimensions. For example, the most common SMD LEDs are 3528 and 5050.

5 different types of LED light 2

3. Bi-color LEDs: The next type of LEDs is Bi-colour LEDs, as the name suggests, can emit two colors. Bi-color LEDs have three leads, usually two anodes and a common cathode. Depending on the configuration of the leads, the color will be activated.

5 different types of LED light 3

4. RGB LED (Red – Blue – Green LED): RGB LEDs are the most favorite and most popular LEDs among hobbyists and designers. Even computer builds are very popular for implementing RGB LEDs in Computer Cases, Motherboards, RAMs, etc.

5 different types of LED light 4

5. High – Power LEDs: An LED with power rating greater than or equal to 1 Watt is called a High-Power LED. This is because normal LEDs have a power dissipation of few mill watts. High – Power LEDs are very bright and are often used in Flashlights, Automobile Headlamps, Spotlights, etc.

And here you go, this are the few types of LED, hopefully this article is able to help you identify all types or LED and know what you should buy next.

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