Common LED lighting problem

LED lighting problem happens all the time because we are living in a morden world and lighting is a very important aspect of interior design as it boosts the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambiance of your own home.

Will LED lights burn out

LED lights gets gradually dimmer and slowly dies out instead of burning out suddenly like traditional lighting , the only way to handle this problem is by purchasing a new LED lighting.

How do i stop my LED lights from flickering

LEDs flicker when their light output fluctuates, this happens because LEDs are design to switch on and off instantly. LED lighting requires DC (Direct Current) and not AC (Alternating Current) power Supply or it may even be a loose wire not connected properly to the circuit.

LED lights brightness is inconsistant

if the lights are dimmer than usual the common cause of this problem is a damaged neutral connection, its recommended to call a electrcian to fix this issue, may also be a loose wire that is not properly connected to the circuit or the transformer of the led lights has lower wattage.

LED Lighting panel

Dimmer is not working on the LED

Most LED comes with a package and on the package there be the word “Dimmable” if the packaging has that word , the LED can be used on a dimmer switch.

Dimmable LED Lighting Problem

is it worth it to buy LED

When comparing with other light sources, LED is the most expensive light source, it saves energy and last longer than most light sources.