7 Great Tips you need to know when installing LED Lights.

Installing LED Lights

Installing LED Lights Is Easier Than You Think

The great thing about installing LED Lights without replacing your existing fixtures, all you need to do is replace all you incandescent screw-in light bulbs with screw-in LED bulbs. Just make sure that your are replacing with a comparable LED that matches the performance of the previous bulb.


LED Lights Last And Will Save You Money

Installing LED Lights

LEDs does not seem to be a financially profitable turn at first glance. While they are more costly than incandescent bulbs, they are becoming more affordable. And the best way to think about it is that LEDs are something of a long-term investment. So, even though the initial start could be more pricey, the payback period is well worth it. 


Length Of Strip

Installing LED Lights

It is best to outline your whole project to see how long the strip will be when you are installing LED Lights. It will gives you an idea of roughly how long will it be and the cost of the strips. Make a rough sketch of your project to plan where all the strip lights will be used, how they will all be powered from the same source or from different sources. As you move on to the next steps, this step will be extremely beneficial to you. 


Mounting LED Strips

LED Strip
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The adhesive on the LED strip lights is very effective for mounting, but it tends to leave a lot to be desired at times. It will need to be strengthened over time if it does not stick well with certain surfaces, as it does with most adhesives. In this case use the following:

Extra Adhesive Tape – (3M tape that can be out on the surface before the strip to double the bond)

LED Strip Mounting Clips – (Mounting brackets for strips)


Wiring And Connecting LED Strips

7 Great Tips you need to know when installing LED Lights. 1

This is where the drawing from earlier will help you start thinking about where you’ll be running and installing LED Lights strips. Now is to think if all your power strips is coming from different directions into 1 common power supply. Based on that, you will be running parallel wires. Wiring LED strips when you are dealing with multiple reels of strips can be tough but don’t worry, here is a powering and wiring guide that you can follow to map out your LED strip light setup.


LEDs Are Dimmable, Sort Of.....

7 Great Tips you need to know when installing LED Lights. 2

Although most LEDs are dimmable, true dimming output is determined by the LED driver’s quality and compatibility with the control. Be aware that not all LEDs can work with your current dimmer switch, so be prepared for when installing LED Lights. Although dimming is theoretically possible, double-check that everything is compatible and will work as intended.


Higher Density Means More Brightness

7 Great Tips you need to know when installing LED Lights. 3

This should go without saying, but we’ll explain why that is and what your choices are when it comes to finding the right unit for you. The density indicates the number of light-emitting diodes on the strip. 

Standard and high density are the two main types. The first which is the normal comes with 30 LEDs per strip and a maximum length of nearly 33 feet. It’s a cuttable unit, but you’ll have to be careful where you cut it to avoid damaging it. You’ll be able to cut every four inches with this model, which has 540 Lumens per meter.


That’s all the tips you should know before installing LED Lights. Hope this will be able to help you when you decided to switch over to LEDs. Trust me, is for the better future!

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