Unique Sim Lim Tower Light Shop Recommendation

Best Overall LED Lighting shop in Singapore

123 LED Lighting is a Unique Sim Lim Tower Light Shop for customers!

Unique Sim Lim Tower Light Shop Recommendation 1

4 mins walk time from Rohor MRT Station to Sim Lim Tower

2 mins Walk time from Jalan Besar MRT Station to Sim Lim Tower

7 mins Walk time from Bugis MRT Station to Sim Lim Tower.

8 mins walk time from Little India MRT Station to Sim Lim Tower.

About Sim Lim Tower 

One of Singapore’s best electronic markets. There is a huge variety of electrical, led light, and electronic components available. The shops on the third floor, in particular, are excellent, and the agents are very courteous and helpful. Since there are more than 10 lighting shops in Sim Lim Tower, the price and quality are higher than other places due to the rivalry. There are more than 5 lighting stores on the third level.

Sim Lim Tower Light Shop Front

Sim Lim Tower Light Shop

Why is it Unique?

  • They have the most unique and high quality LED products!
  • Only shop that comes with 2 year of warranty for all LEDs!
  • Open every day (Except CNY) for customers!

123 LED Lighting only provides high-quality products, so they dare to provide 2 years warranty for all of their LED lighting products!

123 LED Lighting provides high quality, high lumen, and power effective LED products, help the customers saves electric bill, and enjoy bright lighting effects.

123 LED Lighting provides competitive prices while providing high-quality products.

123 LED Lighting opens every day (Except CNY), three people work in the shop. They are present to ensure that customers do not have to wait for an extended period of time when the shop is crowded.

The staff noted that the majority of the customers preferred a larger-sized LED Bulb over this small LED Bulb. As a result, the staff considers their feedback and replaces the old ones with new ones that have a larger LED light.


Parts to get along with when customers are at this Sim Lim Tower Light Shop buying lEDs. This includes Track Rail with Track Lines, Power Supply, Connectors, Remote Control,  LED Driver, and Plastic Holder.

Track Rail with Track Lines

LED Track Rail & Track Line for Track Lights (Black)
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Track Rail with Track Line can be installed on either the ceiling or the wall. Light Fixtures can be installed in it.

Power Supply

LED Power Supply
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A Power Supply is an electrical device that provides electrical power to a load. All power supplies have a power input connection that receives energy from a source in the form of an electric current and one or more power output connections that deliver current to the load.


Unique Sim Lim Tower Light Shop Recommendation 2
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Connectors will link together two lengths of LED strip lighting. They are an essential accessory when your LED strips needs to bend around corners (45 degrees or greater) or other obstructions.

Remote Control

Remote Control
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Remote Control is a device that controls the settings of the LED Lights such as the color and brightness by means of radio or infrared signals.

LED Driver

LED Driver
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The LED driver functions as a power regulator. The LED driver supplies power and regulates the variable needs of LEDs by supplying a constant amount of power as its properties change with temperature. LED drivers convert high-voltage alternating current to low-voltage current.

Plastic Holder

Waterproof Long Lasting LED RGB Strip Light Plastic Holder
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The use of a Plastic Holder will ensure that the LED Strip Lights remain in place.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting Design

This Sim Lim Tower Light Shop also sell LED Lighting such as Ceiling Light, Downlight, Fairy Light, Flood Light, LED Integrated Tube Light, LED Panel Light, LED Strip Light, Light Bulb, Spotlight, Step Light and UV Light.

LED Ceiling Light

Long-Lasting LED Ceiling Light 24W 36W

LED Downlight

LED DownLight, LED Ceiling Light, LED (Tricolour) Colour Gold

LED Fairy Light

Multicolour Adapter LED Fairy String Christmas Light

LED Flood Light

IP67 LED Flood Light 50W [Rainproof] Front View

LED Integrated Tube Light

T8 integrated double tube light

LED Panel Light

Slim and Elegant LED Panel Light, LED Ceiling Light 4,9,12,15,18W (Recessed) Sample 7

LED Strip Light

Long-Lasting LED Strip Light 5m Colour Blue

LED Light Bulb

T-Type Light Bulb 5W 9W 13W 18W 28W 38W 48W

LED SpotLight

Adjustable LED Track Light Spot Light 10W 20W 30W Sample 5

LED Step Light

Purchase the correct type of LED Step Light

LED UV Light

UV Trap 4W 6W 8W

Their E-Commerce Shops

A great thing about this Sim Lim Tower Light Shop, it also have online shops for those who prefer shopping online!

Click Here for Ecommerce shop Located at Qoo10.

Click Here for Ecommerce shop located at Shopee.

Click Here for Ecommerce Shop Located at Carousell.

Sim Lim Tower Light Shop Location


10 Jalan Besar, #03-41, Sim Lim Tower, Singapore 208787

Contact Info:

Phone: 8793 9683

Email: [email protected]

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday: 11am to 7pm

Saturday: 11am to 6pm

Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday.