Why is LEDs important in Green Buildings?

Building technology is constantly evolving, and your lighting system is no exception.

Ignoring lighting means ignoring one of the most important aspects of creating a green and efficient building in today’s world. As a result, it is critical to discuss and explain why an LED lighting system is the green lighting solution.

Now let’s go over the reasons why LEDs are important in Green buildings…


1. The quality of LEDs is improved. If you have flickering, humming, or underlit areas, LED eliminates all of these problems. LED, unlike other HID technologies, would never flicker or buzz during its lifetime. Furthermore, a common problem with a building’s lighting design is that it develops underlit areas over time. This is due to lumen depreciation, the mechanism by which a light’s lumen production decreases over time. Even though LEDs depreciate too, but it is typically not nearly as rapid. 

LEDs in green buildings
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2. Energy savings of up to 75% are possible. It is not uncommon for buildings to reduce energy usage associated with a lighting system by more than 50% all the way up to 75% when converting to LED. These savings are the most important factor for most facility managers and building owners when deciding whether or not to convert. Another factor to consider is LED efficiency. The best way to determine efficiency is by going for the higher lumen-per-watt output. The more lumens a light outputs per watt, the more efficient it is compared to another light.

Why is LEDs important in Green Buildings? 1

3. Save more with qualified LED lights and retrofits. The most common explanation why businesses aren’t transitioning to LED is the initial investment. LED popularity and technology are increasingly growing. They are becoming more effective and less expensive to buy. In addition to lower costs, there are two major ways to reduce the expense of your new lighting system. Furthermore, you can save even more money by retrofitting your current fixtures with LED rather than replacing them entirely. Retrofits are not only less expensive, but they are much easier to mount, which means it is less expensive to pay anyone to replace the current luminaires with LEDs.

Why is LEDs important in Green Buildings? 2

4.There will be no mercury in LEDs. Mercury has no position in sensitive areas such as hospitals or even classrooms. Because of its hazardous properties, it has no position in any application. Being in contact with mercury is not advised as it requires serious precautions to clean it up safely. In addition to the immediate health risk to living things, it also brings up issues in the environment. If not recycled properly, mercury contamination can cause multiple issues.

Why is LEDs important in Green Buildings? 3

5. Having LEDs in green buildings is important as it has longer lifespans. Longer lives have a variety of advantages. The first and most obvious advantage is that replacement luminaires will be purchased less frequently. Given that an LED can last two to three times longer than a comparable lighting technology, you can cut the number of replacement lights you need to buy in half and there will be less waste and less maintenance. 

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Finally, by having LEDs, which is perfect for green buldings projects, it allows the building owner to obtain a platinum grade for the building. Grants from SLEB SMART HUB.

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