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Applications of LED overview

LED is the most common lighting that is used in modern society for its efficiency and versatility. It doesn’t consume tons of watts unlike regular bulbs so you can relax on the electricity bills you are paying for. Let’s take a look at what are some of the applications of LED light which will show how much it shaped what we see today’s context. But before that, let’s us understand what is LED lights first.

So what exactly is LED?

Light emitting diode (LED) is simply an electrical semiconductor device that emits visible light by the illumination of tiny light bulbs that fits into an electrical circuit whenever there is electrical current passing through it. This is not the same as incandescent bulbs since it has no filaments to burn out and uses lesser electricity and lesser heat. For this, it is able to have a greater life span compared to incandescent bulbs which also thus why it’s more popular and common in many of the technologies being used in today’s world. If you wish to read more about LED check it out here.

Different applications of LED

1.Street and road lighting

Before LED lights were used, incandescent or fluorescent lamps was the way to go to light up the roads and streets around us. Now, LED is currently the main bulb that many cities and countries are adopting it. Why? Well it is cause LED is a better economical choice since normally most street lights will be running throughout the night without consuming much watts as well. Additionally, LED is brighter than incandescent and fluorescent. This will help to give better vision for the vehicles and people in the street and thus improving safety and road conditions at the same time.

2. Billboard lighting

While in the subject of street and road lighting, another common type of consumption of led lighting will be in the form of billboards. I’m sure advertisements is a common sighting wherever you go be it in the roads,highways and on the streets of the cities. Same thing as street lights, it needs to be able to seen by people at night. It is probably good idea to get LED since its the best method to use lesser power and help reduce costs for the setup of the billboards.

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3. Home and Office lighting

It is no surprise that home and offices all use LED lighting as well. There are many reasons why people would want to use LED instead of halogen,incandescent or fluorescent bulbs like in the past. First is the electricity bills i mentioned above since they relatively help lower the cost compared to others. Secondly, it is the decoration of the environment. LED come in a wide variety of types of LED and colors so it help to present many options available. Lastly, LED lights have the ability to last longer due to its efficiency of consuming less energy than the rest. 

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