Best Fanco Ceiling Fan Models

Heli/Heli Pro

Fanco Ceiling Fan

First up, we have the Fanco Ceiling Fan, HELI/HELI PRO. This fanco fan is designed and built for living room in houses as the motor is a brushless DC Motor and Ultra Silent which means it is more stable and silent with maximum torque, full control and more all in one! Is perfect for students to focus with minimum noise.


E-Lite/E-Lite Pro

Next up, we have the Fanco Ceiling Fan, E-LITE/E-LITE PRO. This fanco fan is for a more open space area such as a classroom or office as the fan comes with 9 aluminium blades to ensure silence without distractions. The motor is similar to the HELI. 


B-Star/F-Star Ceiling Fan

Last but not least, we have the Fanco Ceiling Fan, B-Star/F-Star. This fanco fan is perfect for living room or study room as it is small and it will allow work to be done without any noise. This fan have different colors to choose from which is great for students to match their room to motivate them to study!

3-Year onsite warranty for all fans mentioned. Lifetime warranty on motor



These are the best Fanco Ceiling Fan Models Recommendations for different scenarios. Hope you have an idea on which model you should go for depending on your needs!



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