Cheap or Expensive Led Lights

Have you ever wonder why there are cheap led lights and expensive led lights? Is there a difference between the two? You may think going for the cheaper option is better, don’t you? Now, let’s find out more about cheap and expensive leds….

  • Cheap Led lights are made of B quality Led chips and drivers.
  • The promised lifespan is not met, or the fixture produces significantly less light over time.
  • The light flashes which can cause people to get a headache from the light. 
  • Buying cheap led lights online doesn’t guarantee it’s quality and some knocked off brand won’t last long.
Cheap Or Expensive

Now let’s talk about why Expensive Led Lights are worth it

LED bulbs, also known as light emitting diode bulbs, have distinct advantages over CFL, HID, and incandescent bulbs. However, prices in the LED industry differ greatly from one bulb to the next. Are the higher-priced LEDs worth the higher initial investment?

The answer is yes. When it comes to LED lighting, as with many other things, you get what you pay for. The consistency difference can be very clear. When you consider maintenance, light efficiency, and energy savings, an initial investment in higher quality will potentially cost less in the long run.

This are the few things to consider when comparing Led Lights:

Led Lights

Lumens per Watt. Lumens are the units used to measure the brightness of a bulb. The more lumens per watt, the more light is generated per energy used. Look for a higher number or lumens per watt to get the most energy savings.

Chips are the components that produce light in an LED bulb. Since chip quality is what defines light color and performance, high quality chips are critical to light quality. LED chip prices vary widely on the market, but trustworthy LED manufacturers can only use the highest quality chips.

Cheap or Expensive Led Lights 1
Ultimate guide for COB LED DownLight Colour

In the LED industry, there is a wide variety of color temperatures. 4200K – 4600K color temperatures are the whitest light in the light color spectrum and the most realistic to the human eye. The warmer the sun, the higher the amount. If you want to stop the green or blue hues associated with certain LEDs, go for the higher end of the spectrum.


Reputable LED manufacturers will almost always have some kind of warranty on their products. Look for a company that stands behind their goods and is easy to deal with if the warranty is ever required. If you’re buying from our website, most of our products have up to 2 years warranty so rest assured! 


Yes, they really ARE worth it.

As you can see, there are many factors that make up the quality of LED lights, and can impact both the short and long term costs. A higher initial investment for quality LED’s can save actually save more in the long run that using “cheap” LED’s. It will save you more maintenance cost and electricity bills!

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