Ultimate guide on COB LED DownLight

COB represents

Chip On Board, Which provides many times more light sources in the same area than that of standard LEDs could occupy. Also, it can reduce the heat generated from each LED Chip.

Downlight represents

Recessed Ceiling Light, but some people prefer to call it as DownLight. They are installed into the ceiling.

Ultimate guide on COB LED DownLight

Advantage of using any LED Lights:

  1. High Brightness,
  2. High CRI,
  3. Energy Saving,
  4. Long Working Life
Advantage for installing using the Recessed method:

The LED Downlight will be align against the wall, which will provide a minimalist style and make the room seems bigger. If you want to know more, We have an article about the Difference between Surface Mounted and Recessed LED Ceiling Light, feel free to take a look.

Advantage of using COB Led DownLight provided by us:

  1. High Quality and cheap
  2. 2 Years of Warranty for any COB LED Downlight that is purchased from us
  3. Easy Installation (We will provide you with a step by step guide, additionally we also have onsite installation service available)
  4. The COB Led DownLight will be able to tilt about 45 degrees.

COB LED DownLight -- Product Specifications


The amount of power that we offer is: 3W, 6W, 9W and 12W

Model Colour

We only have one Model Colour currently, which is White

The Ultimate guide on COB Led Downlight

Colour Output

The Colour Output that we offer is: Pure White (6000K), Warm White (4000K) and Neutral White (3000K)

Colour Temperature for T8 LED Integrated Double Tube Light
Ultimate guide for COB LED DownLight Colour

COB LED DownLight -- Things to take note of

  1. During installing, repairing, and maintaining, please remember to cut off the circuit and ask help from the professionals
  2. Voltage Range: 170V-240V
  3. Should not be installed on the open, on objects with high temperature, or in damp areas.
  4. Should not dismantle and cover with any material.

COB LED DownLight -- Step by step guide to buide

Step 1: Make sure that the tip of the wire is straight before continue to the next step.

The Ultimate guide on COB Downlight wire

Step 2: Connect both wires to the connector, it doesn’t matter which is live and which is neutral. Also do note that if it is the rubber part getting clamp, there will be no light produced.

The Ultimate guide on COB Downlight connecting

Step 3: Now you can power on, and there should be light produced from the product.

The ultimate guide on COB Downlight testing

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